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Twenty Thousand Sunrises

Helpapp In partenrship with Asif Elkayam


In Israel are currently living approximately 4000 combats and soldiers who are dealing with Post Trauma, and must withstand stressful situations and gruesome images associated with war, and those are just the ones recognized as such. Researches conclude that an effective way to treat people who experience mental distress- is to allow them to treat others.

Assif Elkayam

Asif Elkayam

“During my travels I’ve met far too many people who are feeling empty, exasperated, lonely, and to each I presented the following piece of information: The average life expectancy of humans ranges from seventy to eighty years. If you multiply this by three hundred and sixty-five days, and under the assumption our infancy years are not included, you will get approximately twenty thousand mornings where fumes of hope may sear your eyes and remind you that you are still able to feel. To make others feel. Twenty thousand days where you could finally find a place in this world, twenty thousand sunrises.”

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Our Mission

Twenty Thousand Sunrises” Project implements that conclusion, via an unprecedented and transcontinental collaboration between “Helpapp- The Easy Way to Volunteer” Organization, who send out of Israel assistance delegations of Israelis to Africa, and the author and the media personnel Asif Elkayam.


While formalizing the pilot we realized that in order to allow an effective treating space- there’s a need to leave the comfort zone in particular, and Israel in general. Thus, this upcoming December we will join the national delegation of Helpapp a group of ten volunteers who are dealing with mental distress. The group will be accompanied by two professionals from the mental health field. During the day, the group will volunteer in local villages in Tanzania, among others will assist in building and innovating educational institutions, agriculture, informal education, improving living conditions and more.


The delegation is an excellent opportunity to use the volunteering tools as treatment tools, and through it allow the subjects to return to Israel to a process of treatment, healing and building a feeling of capability that could lead to sensitivity and involvement in Israeli society.


Most of the participants in the pilot are supported by the public mental health services, and accordingly, often deal with a difficult economic situation, so we are attempting to decrease the economic burden that comes with the activity- and unlike other national delegations- we will be paying the expenses of the flights, sustenance and other operatives expenses.


For the sake of allowing the subjects and the professional team that will accompany them to participate- we need to raise a sum of 35,000$.

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